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Fort Myers, FL

Speech Therapist Assistant




  • Assist Speech and Language Pathologists in conducting screenings and/or assessments of language, voice, fluency, articulation, or hearing. (without clinical interpretation of results).
  • Implement treatment plans or protocols as directed by Speech and Language Pathologists.
  • Assist Speech and Language Pathologists in the remediation or development of speech and language skills.
  • Collect and compile data to document students’ performance and/or assess program quality.
  • Document students’ progress toward meeting established goals and objectives.
  • Assist with informal documentation as directed by the Speech and Language Pathologist.
  • Assist with clerical duties such as preparing materials and scheduling activities as directed by the Speech and Language Pathologist.
  • Perform checks and maintenance of speech aids, devices, and equipment as needed.
  • Support the Supervising Speech and Language Pathologist in research projects, in-­- service training, and public relations programs.
  • Manage time efficiently, follow schedule and inform appropriate personnel of departures from schedule.
  • Exhibit compliance with regulations, reimbursement requirements, and Speech and Language Pathology Assistant’s job responsibilities.



  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with ability to engage and work closely with a wide range of staff members (educators, school administrators, senior management).
  • Commitment and passion for Elite DNA Therapy Services’ mission, vision, and goals.
  • Thrive in a fast-­-paced, dynamic work environment.
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish preferred.
  • Completion of the following:
    • Completed course work and training specific to speech-­-language pathology assistant job responsibilities and workplace behaviors (must be through a program accredited by ASHA).
    • Completed field work under the supervision of an ASHA-­-certified Speech and Language Pathologist.
  • Ability to demonstrate the skills necessary for fulfilling the job responsibilities of a Speech and Language Pathology Assistant.
  • Applicant will have to successfully complete a verification of technical proficiency as evaluated by an ASHA certified Speech and Language Pathologist within the scope of their interview/evaluation process.
  • Associate’s degree required; Bachelor’s preferred

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