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Sarasota, FL

Licensed Therapist



The licensed therapist acts as an advocate, helping patients gain access to resources while addressing diverse issues such as mental illness, addiction, and trauma. The licensed therapist provides comprehensive care and customized treatment planning for children, adolescents and adults. Through our whole person/whole family approach to psychotherapy and support, the licensed therapist helps people to overcome a wide variety of psychological issues.


  • Assists in the development of a system to assess and intervene with high risk patients.
  • Leads in the determination of overall needs for social services of patients.
  • Develops overall resource requirements to meet identified needs.
  • Utilizes current research findings to support clinical social work services best practices on an ongoing basis.



  • Participates in the delivery of care as scheduled.
  • Performs and documents patient’s screenings, psycho social assessments, progress and referral information.
  • Assists in the process of advocacy for patient’s access to resources through community programs and coaching to the patients, when appropriate.
  • Communicates treatment plan to patients, families and appropriate staff.
  • Collaborates and coordinates with the caregiver, physician, medical assistant, director, service assessment, case management, utilization review, home health care and all other disciplines to provide the best care to patients.
  • Provides support groups and individual counseling to patients on related psycho social issues such as widowhood, coping skills, stress reduction, caregiver tips.
  • Provides a level of comfort to the patient in showing them they are dealing with a well- trained professional.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • After the maturity period, perform an average of 6-hours of face-to-face time per working day.
  • Complete all documentation and billing within 48-hours.
  • Schedule will be 9am-6pm Monday thru Friday.
  • Flexible to work multiple Elite DNA locations.
  • Work with array of patient ages and diagnoses.
  • Schedule as many patients needed to meet the face to face quota mentioned above.
  • Work as a team player to perform impromptu intakes or therapy appointments.

Additional Job Positions

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